About me

It's Ramsay; everyone else is already taken.

About this site

Why choose 709394.me? Because the pronunciation of 709394 sounds like "let's go out and have fun(出来搞三搞四)" in Cantonese, just makes this site for fun.

About me

I'm Ramsay, I chase a lot of different things.

The first programming language I learned is Pascal in a computer-hobbyist group when I was a middle school student. Back to time before, the only thing I could do with Pascal was trying to find the maximum or minimum number among the number array, or just calculate the sum of them, which is of less fun. I didn't really start programming before I became a fresh student majared in software enginering in my university. I've build a lot of different stuffs for personal use or simply out of curiosity, you could find them at my Github project.

Nowaday, I am employed by Ant Financial(Alibaba group), aka Alipay, make a living by doing some Java stuff, working overtime every working day(whick also known as 996 work schedule). I am also interested in Rust/Python/C++, but find no way to build some industrial level softwares with these languages.

Update: I have left Ant Financial, now I am working for Wechat Pay, just embracing the change, as what my ex-employer encourages to do.


  • rspotify: A Spotify Web API wrapper implemented in Rust.
  • jd spiders: A dumb distributed crawler built on Scrapy to scrape goods data and comments data from a famous Chinese E-commerce company, implemented in Python.
  • blog: A clean, elegant blog built on Rust/Javascript(which is also known as the source code of this blog)


I love to reading books, the reading of all good books is like a comfortable conversation with the most brilliant people of the past centuries, it also brings me unknown friends. As for book, my taste is history, politics, novel and computer science. Right, I get used to write summary of them after reading(mostly in Chinese). Reading does feed me.